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There Are No Angels Gracing The Lines

Words of the Almighty SarcastiBitch

12 March 1980
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Words of the Almighty SarcastiBitch

I'm in my thirties. I get too obsessed with TV Shows and fictional characters. I'm bisexual. I'm Agnostic with Pagan leanings. This journal is and will always be friends-only. Closed-minded people need not apply, though most will be accepted and re-friended. I'm really a nice person, though very private.

Friends Only

This journal is Friends Only. Comment on this entry if you want to be added to my list and I'll think about it. :) Banner made by me, so please credit me and comment if you take it for your use. Thanks!

Marriage is love.

If you're on my friend's list, you can view my Emergency Contact Information here. Please do not redistribute this information. Thanks.

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